With the election only a few days away and the polls suggesting a much closer race than anyone initially expected, more and more questions are being raised as to what these manifestos and promises actually mean for the technology industry.
The EU acted as an important driving force in securing some of the equalities that we enjoy today, including ensuring that discrimination at work on the grounds of being LGBT was made illegal. We must ensure that the next UK government commits to maintaining the laws we currently have in place to protect LGBT people. Otherwise, there's a chance that equality could regress.
After an election there is often a period of reflection. I hope our politicians will see this as an opportunity to learn the lessons of the past 5 years, and the last 5 weeks, to build a better future for us all. As someone committed to improving our democracy, so will I.
The current shortage of trained engineers creates a challenge for the future of UK engineering, with uncertainty for businesses that need engineering talent to deliver on new projects and grow profits. I urge the politicians not to forget about the 'march of the makers' as they run for the ballots.
How far have issues of digital freedom and surveillance penetrated party manifestos. The 'digital deficit' is one of the