The Apprentice kicks off again on our screens next week and pictures have been released of the latest batch of candidates that will take part in the marathon job interview in order to gain investment from Lord Sugar. What struck me about the latest bunch - especially the boys - was their inability to dress properly.
Former deputy prime minister John Prescott has said that he told Ed Milliband to wear a jacket, as all leaders should be seen in jackets. I quite agree.
Dining is, after all, essential to all of us. It is high time we recognise again the importance of communicating and interacting as a family. These two activities, when practiced together, enhance the benefits of both.
An alarming majority of people now eschew sending written thanks to their nearest and dearest who have spent their hard earned money on presents. Some will half-heartedly try to express their thanks by sending a thank you text or email. I can't imagine doing such a thing. I am coming out in hives as I write. That said, I suppose they are better than nothing.
Pantomimes live and die off audience participation. If you are not the sort of person who wants to join in with the group song, or boo and hiss at the Ugly Sisters then best stay at home with a good book.
Once considered the only polite way to express gratitude, 'thank you' is a dying phrase, a new poll has revealed. No longer
Don't discuss your recent surgical procedures with your neighbour. There's (probably) a time and a place for chats about the removal of ovarian cysts, but the 06.59 to King's Cross ain't one of them.
I was aghast and speechless when I heard that the England football manager, Fabio Capello, would not be attending his own son's wedding on Saturday due to having to manage the England football squad for their friendly match against Spain.
As Sir Bruce is now a Knight Bachelor he received just a badge (worn round the neck), whereas Knights of an Order of Chivalry receive a star pinned on the left side of the coat and a badge.
A report out today by The Young Foundation suggests that we Britons are not as rude as some people may think we are, but yet when we see a lack of civility and respect our manners quickly slide and situations can escalate 'frighteningly fast'.