Mansion Tax

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A University professor who would put a sign on his door saying "Away Fighting The Forces of Capitalism" when he was out of office once told me that the reason populism tends to pool around reactionary right-wing ideas is that the motivations for, and expected benefits of left-wing ideologies are less easily quantifiable and thus harder to express.
Surely an endorsement of the Labour policy in that case? Perhaps not. James Blunt was reported to have become the latest
This debate is interesting not only because it represents the prevailing cultures of the two main parties. It's also interesting because of the stark parallels between the mansion tax and the bedroom tax - a particularly tendentious Tory policy.
Like most Britons, you’re probably holding off making a decision about who to vote for in next month’s General Election until
In 2009 the Heaton-born superstar responded to Cameron’s comment she was the “most fanciable” member of Girls Aloud with
The Labour party's Mansion Tax on houses over £2million will send middle income households into debt and cause a crash on the south-east property market. It is quite simply a disaster for London, and a disaster for already squeezed middle income families.
The people who like to portray Labour as living in cloud-cuckoo land are the sort of people who'd take a financial hit from a Labour administration. They're some of the richest people in the country, and they're squealing at the thought of seeing some of their advantages go swirling down the plughole.
Ed Miliband's plan for a mansion tax on homes worth more than £2 million is "crude" and would end up "clobbering" people