'My friends coined a word: hepeated.'
Plenty of women know what it’s like to have their voices ignored until a man repeats her words, but now there’s a catchy
His negative response didn’t go down well on Twitter, with some accusing him of ‘mansplaining’ and being a ‘colossal asshole
This is for the gent who wants to give up his trashiness (and the rest of you). The trash endorsed by your mum, dad, sister, friends and pretty much all the media you have ever consumed.
Men are conditioned to own how women can navigate this world and in retrospect, I understand that this is how society is constructed.
Life coaching appears to mostly attract people who couldn't be bothered to actually study psychology, and instead want to earn a quick buck.
It’s hard admitting that we don’t have the answers. What’s harder is trying to get to the answers while everyone is screaming their wrong answers out loud .
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