So I was tired. Very tired. Eight hours of customer service job, dealing with progressively drunker people went by without
I become a connoisseur, admiring a nice 90 degree angle and revering a really good spread. I'm so excited by the width between one man's knees, I actually fall into him, in my haste to claim the seat beside him. When I spot an empty seat between two spreaders, it makes my day. I couldn't be happier if I'd found £50 on the floor.
Collins English Dictionary has announced the most notable developments in the English language of 2015 and the words and
Daniel Craig made a BIG impression on ‘The Graham Norton Show’ last Friday - but not necessarily for the right reasons. The
Cat cafe A cafe or similar establishment where people pay to interact with cats housed on the premises. Bants Playfully teasing
Behold the 'Pussy Purse' - the statement handbag with a social message. On the DAMNsel website, designer Rachel Feinberg
Manspreading is, without a doubt, the bane of most commuters' lives. But now, a heartbreaking video has revealed the real
In a small victory for Tumblr bloggers and feminists everywhere, two men from New York have been arrested for 'manspreading
Who says manspreading doesn't hurt anyone? Our eyes are still recovering from this photo tweeted by @themichaelfish... Manspreading
Anyone who's ever been on public transport will have experienced 'manspreading'. This is when a man sits with his legs wide