Manuel Neuer

Anyway, the real stuff starts again next week and we can look forward to Chelsea grinding out another Premier League title, more tittle-tattle around Arsene and Jose putting all his eggs in a Europa League shaped basket.
The big, glitzy ceremony gives the game away a bit - it's just an excuse for Fifa and co to throw a party, pat themselves on the back, get a few drinks down and rub shoulders with the great and the good. If it was at the end of a season, it might be more palatable.
Search "John O'Shea shot" on YouTube and the top results will bring up what is one of the most wayward attempts at goal recorded
Christoph Kramer's World Cup final was cruelly curtailed by a bout of concussion after a collision with Ezequiel Garay and
Cristiano Ronaldo claimed another individual award on Thursday as he was awarded Uefa's Best Player for 2013-14 after scoring
An attempt to score against this 2014 edition of the German football machine is a treacherously difficult scenario... In this World Cup the goalkeeper of the tournament. Perhaps, even in this festival of attacking sensation, the player of the tournament.
Bayern Munich have belatedly mocked rivals Borussia Dortmund's suspicious bus trick three seasons on. During Nuri Şahin's
Manuel Neuer sported a four-fingered glove in Bayern Munich's 2-0 win at Wolfsburg as they stayed 15 points clear at the
When Sergio Ramos skied his penalty in the Champions League semi-final shootout for Real Madrid against Bayern Munich, he