Manuel Valls

Thousands lined the Nice promenade to remember those killed.
French Prime Minister Manuel Valls was booed by crowds as he arrived for a minute’s silence to honour victims who were killed
The French Prime Minister has urged caution in saying that all refugees will be “welcome” in Europe because within seconds
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Some people -- mainly ultra-conservative politicians -- say that the social phenomenon that is bilingualism is a danger for
This complexity doesn't brook simple solutions. It also requires greater honesty and self-awareness from western politicians, like David Cameron and Manuel Valls, of the impact of past and present policy on Muslims - both at home and abroad.
France will now see shops stay open on Sundays, Prime Minister Manuel Valls has revealed, in a bid to turn around the country's
Rarely do local elections anywhere have such profound national resonance. In municipal elections on 30 March, France's governing Socialist Party (PS) lost more than 150 towns and cities. The centre-right UMP made huge gains, much more than expected.
The reforms France needs however are massive and require a revolutionary casting aside of vested interests and old thinking, Valls does not lack ambition but whether he will have the support in French parliament and in the Socialist Party remains the big unanswered question. If he doesn't, c'est la fin.
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