Mao Zedong

Britain has a special responsibility to Hong Kong. Surely, it is now time to declare that China is in breach of its international obligations, writes Stephen Twigg, chair of the International Development Committee
The president's daughter tried to insert herself into a conversation between world leaders and it ended in... ridicule.
The west is well used to the "panda diplomacy" which has seen the worldwide symbol of conservation used as an instrument of China's soft power. But more significant are the now-ubiquitous Confucius Institutes established in more than 500 university campuses around the world, through which the Chinese state is also trying to control international academic discourse on topics related to China.
Perhaps you've enjoyed George Orwell's Animal Farm or Nelson Mandela's Long Walk To Freedom. Maybe you've even tackled Plato's The Republic or Thoreau's Civil Disobedience. Here are some other hugely important, but lesser known, political classics.
Last week I sat in a restaurant in the Chinese city of Chongqing and was transported all the way back to the year 1958. The walls of the Red Flag Commune Canteen were covered with propaganda posters from the era of the Great Leap Forward. Mao Zedong, wearing a peasant's broad straw hat, smiled benevolently amid tall ears of wheat in one poster. In another the Great Helmsman waved his right hand before an image of a glorious red sun...
Hugo Chavez is to have the somewhat dubious honour of joining the "controversial embalmed corpses of leaders" club, it was
A Chinese man convicted of murdering 11 people was executed on Thursday. Zhang Yongming is said to have chopped up his victims
The length of a woman's skirt has become a battleground in China of late, with people slinging opinions on both sides of the knee.