The British man reportedly plummeted from the seventh floor of the hotel, striking another man as he fell.
My general method with Autumn is basically denial so I drag the summer out as long as possible. Case in point, I've just got back from Spain. Officially, I was out there for the Global Gift Gala, but the beaut sunshine was a happy coincidence. Day one, I set my alarm for 7am to maximise sun-chilling time.
The vitalidad of Barcelona (or BarTHelona, as they say) is largely down to the Spanish people themselves. They are my kind of people; relaxed, work-hard play-hard types, and advocates of wine and tapas, at any hour of the day.
The signer was snapped partying at the Ocean Club alongside 'Waterloo Road' star Chelsee Healey. This weekend it was revealed
I'm all for letting your hair down once in a while, but to actively spend your well earned cash to go on a holiday where all you want to do is have sex with strangers and add a few notches to your bed post is absurd. Lest we forget the obvious flaw that you will probably know 90% of the other revellers from home!
One man has died and thousands have been evacuated from homes and holiday sites as a massive wildfire approaches the Spanish
A woman pictured with One Direction's Niall Horan has been dumped by her fiance because of the intimate snap. Ruth Hicks
As I walk through the doors I almost feel like I'm stepping in to a fabulous fifties film set. Bellboys efficiently buzzing to guests' whims, florists preening fresh fragrant lilies and bartenders shaking up Martinis. It's opulence at its best, the atmosphere is enthralling.