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'To know that this is still goes on in 2017, it breaks my heart.'
‘Love Island’ contestant Gabby Allen has revealed the horrific racist abuse she and boyfriend Marcel Somerville have received
There could be music on the way from him, Kem and Chris, too.
‘Love Island’ star Marcel Somerville has seemingly confirmed a Blazin’ Squad reunion is in the works.   Rumours have been
For a while, it looked like Marcel Somerville and Gabby Allen were a dead cert for the ‘Love Island’ crown, but as the final
If you said to us two months ago a Blazin’ Squad reunion was on the cards, we’d have laughed in your face, but thanks to
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‘Love Island’ fans have become convinced that Gabby Allen is faking her feelings for partner Marcel Somerville, thanks to
‘Love Island’ contestant Gabby Allen has been dealt a blow, after finding out what really went on when her boyfriend Marcel
Task or no task, it's still cheating, right?
As the only ‘Love Island’ pair in a fully-fledged relationship, fans have been really getting behind Marcel Somerville and
Emotions were running high during this very dramatic evening on the Island.
Up until now, the ‘Love Island’ villa has been quite a harmonious place - but that is all set to change in Tuesday’s (13