Cosatu embarked on a nationwide strike yesterday. Corruption is but one issue that workers face and it's killing their jobs.
Pockets of people arrive for marches in 15 cities
29th March 2017 is a dark day and I believe those that brought it about will not be remembered kindly by history, regardless what happens next. For as long as we are still in the EU, millions of us will continue to voice our opinion and to fight for the UK to remain in the EU. And if we do leave, we will campaign to re-join.
I can't afford to be politically apathetic anymore. I have a daughter, who is almost three, and I need to set an example. I need to show her that if there is something in this world that you think is unjust, the last thing you should do is "suck it up" and ignore it.
For many of us it does seem kind of strange that there is still an ivory market of any kind. There's nothing pretty about seeing the remnants of a dead elephant on your wrist or mantelpiece. For most it isn't only times that have changed - our attitudes and understanding have too.
The UK is braced for a snowy start to March as experts warn temperatures will plunge to as low as -14C over the month, right
Britain's is heading for a 'white Easter' according to forecasters with temperatures predicted to fall as low as -14C over
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn joined tens of thousands in central London on Sunday for what's being called the biggest climate
Women not having children historically bothers authority. And while they may do so for myriad reasons today, as more and more women follow suit and cite the environment as the cause, it will be interesting to see what happens: whether politicians, apparently deaf to the marches, petitions and scientists, will listen to prospect of our hollow wombs.
Friday 4th October 2013 will be an historic day. I know this because it cannot not be. In some ways it's just simple predictive history, in others it's a stirring, a surge or the tremors that result in a tsunami. Either way, it will be an historic day. For on this day that thing will happen that pushes a wedge of change, whether it be in the corridors or power or in the thoughts of the individual.
Two leaders of far-right group the English Defence League have been charged with obstructing police after allegedly trying
A 20-year-old woman has been charged with violent disorder after police came under attack from demonstrators at an English
Police made 20 arrests today after bottles, cans and other missiles were hurled at officers during an English Defence League
Like any country with a reputation for extremism, it's history will always be judged on the actions of extremists. The usual saying that history is judged by the victors does not yet apply to Northern Ireland, as it sometimes seems that the state of conflict has never really ended in the minds of much of its population.
Dear Spring, I want a refund! Not only have you failed to supply the correct type of weather standard to your time of month, but you somehow gave me that of last season! Snow!
I am all for the right to protest, but we as a society cannot support what these miscreants continue to do march after march, protest after protest.
Last week more than 50,000 landless poor people from all over India set off on a long walk to demand their rights to land and resources. Their journey will take them over 200 miles from the carved stone pillars demarcating the exit of Mela Exhibition Grounds in Gwalior, all the way down the national highway to India's national parliament in Delhi.
Remember Baba Amr - remember those who looked on. Nero played the lyre as Rome burned - President Assad of Syria uploads
Britons are basking in sunshine after another day of unseasonably warm weather. Spring temperatures reached new highs on
Will the street protests and campaigns of the past become online videos that people can 'like' from the comfort of their desk chair, with a cup of tea in one hand whilst the other acts like an eager activist, just waiting to click on another link to a campaigning cause?