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Government departments need to make "fundamental changes" to successfully cut spending by 2015, spending watchdog the National
The government could get more value-for-money from adult apprenticeships, according to a report by spending watchdog the
The government is "over-optimistic" about how many job seekers their flagship £5bn work programme will help and there are
Government departments do not fully understand the overall impact of an array of different means-tested benefits on incentives
HMRC are giving "cosy", preferential treatment to larger companies while putting public money at risk, an influential committee
The Ministry of Defence has spent more than £1bn since 1998 on armoured vehicles that have never appeared, a parliamentary
There is a "real risk" preparations for the London 2012 Olympics will be knocked off-course, according to a report by the
The full costs of scaling back Britain's aircraft carrier programme are still not fully understood by the Government more
The procurement and management of high value equipment in the NHS is "fragmented and uncoordinated", leading to "wasted resources
Taxpayers could end up bailing out NHS hospitals identified by watchdog the National Audit Office as having "financial issues