Margaret Thatcher death

How will you be marking the one-year anniversary of Margaret Thatcher's death? Comedian Nathaniel Tapley is holding a séance
Even before the doors of Easington Colliery Club opened at 11am, dozens were gathered outside, wind whipping their jackets
The BBC has defended its satirical quiz show 'Have I Got News For You' after some viewers complained about comments made
Thatcher's stance in 1978 was to condone, and empathise with public fears around black immigration, warning that people would feel 'swamped', the British character would be lost, and that the white British public would be hostile to those coming in from the Commonwealth and Pakistan.
Conservative grandee Lord Tebbit has attacked the Conservatives who helped depose Margaret Thatcher. In a throwback to the
Travel to the US with an English accent, and before too long you’ll be asked about Winston Churchill. Wait a little while
Margaret Thatcher is despised by many left-leaning Britons. However, how many of our former prime ministers are loved? We British have a need to take down uppity people. Margaret Thatcher, however, was something special.
CLICK HERE FOR THE LATEST ON MARGARET THATCHER'S DEATH. Margaret Thatcher has died from a stroke aged 87. The former prime