Margaret Thatcher Dies

Boris Johnson has positioned himself as heir apparent to Margaret Thatcher after delivering the annual Centre for Policy
Has the great British public contracted political fever or did the passing of Her Magg-esty simply give us another excuse to party like it's 1990?
David Cameron remarked that Thatcher had "smashed through the glass ceiling" - she did, but not for women, simply for herself. She did not open the door for other women behind her; rather, she smashed the glass and replaced it with barbed wire fencing. She reinforced a system that does not allow for female leadership unless it acquiesces to patriarchal modes.
2013-04-18-ThatcherI saw not the frail, fallible woman, but the indelible, subjectively interpreted icon that cannot be so easily extricated from the world. The symbol cannot be destroyed.
Wednesday morning was crammed full with the news of Margaret Thatcher's funeral as the streets of London were lined with
Regardless if the song is played or not, the organisers of this protest have truly missed a trick. On researching the song, I came across something that would truly have wound up the old Thatcherites as they go about their weekly routine of religiously tuning in to the Radio 1 Official Chart Show.
Huffington Post UK Comedy has managed to get hold of the Order Of Service for both Margaret Thatcher's funeral and the accompanying
0730 - Road closures implemented along the route from Whitehall to St Paul's Cathedral. 0800 - Flags lowered to half-mast
Whether you loved Maggie or hated her, we think there's something for everyone in this reworking of the classic Elton John
Margaret Thatcher's electoral success could be linked to her superior performance before TV cameras, compared to her main adversaries of the era. Behavioural scientists have uncovered evidence suggesting she was an outstanding proponent of psychologically manipulative techniques.