Margaret Thatcher Dies

Controversial MP George Galloway has said he will aim to end the "tidal wave of guff" that greeted the death of Margaret
Reflecting on Margaret Thatcher's achievements is a timely exercise because she tackled many of the problems we face today. The years before she came to power were dominated by economic anxiety, terrorism and saber-rattling.
These are dangerous times for all politicians, especially those in the Big Three because We The People aren't buying it anymore. This must be confusing the Westminster Village because there are loads of politics in the air on all sides. We just don't like politicians at the moment.
A full military rehearsal for Margaret Thatcher's funeral has taken place in the early hours of Monday morning. Major Andrew
George Galloway will on Monday attempt to frustrate plans to cancel Wednesday's Prime Minister's Questions so that MPs can
Is there anything left to say about Margaret Thatcher? In a week when one woman, and one face, dominated not only the headlines, but the streets and parliament, too, it seemed everyone had an opinion on the Iron Lady even those who weren't entirely sure who she was. I was born the same year Margaret Thatcher became prime minister, which perhaps doesn't put me in the best place to judge the before and after effect of her time in office.
It will be a "tough and tearful week, even for the daughter of the Iron Lady," Carol Thatcher said on Saturday. The daughter
Thatcherites have hit back at the social media movement to get "Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead" to number one in the UK charts
Uh-oh. If Margaret Thatcher's supporters were upset about 'Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead' getting to number one in the hit
A serving police officer who posted offensive messages online following Baroness Thatcher's death has resigned. Sergeant