Margaret Thatcher Dies

Argentina has brushed off its snub over Margaret Thatcher's funeral, branding it "just another provocation". Foreign Minister
The BBC is coming under increasing pressure to say whether it will play a song pushed into the charts by people celebrating
The Wizard Of Oz track which has had a surge of popularity in the wake of Baroness Thatcher's death is on course for a place
David Cameron has sniggered at Boris Johnson's suggestion that his proposed estuary airport could be named after Margaret
How much Thatcher's influence contributed to Mandela's release is not clear, but considering her leverage she might have had more influence than many other organisations or head of governments at that time.
The dearth of women in leadership, not only in the UK, but around the world means that women in power often find themselves hailed as feminist icons, whether they identify with the goals of women's liberation or not.
Amidst the legacy left by Lady Thatcher, for good or bad, is one simple fact concerning her Governments' impact on older peoples' struggles to control their work lives and destinies.
The Daily Mail has called for Heathrow airport to be renamed after Margaret Thatcher, taking Boris' suggestion of naming
Below is the official guidance issued by Downing Street on the funeral of Margaret Thatcher Around 200 states, territories
The irony of it all is that Thatcherism was among the forces -not solely - that destroyed the theatre that trained Glenda Jackson. In her day it was possible to get a grant to attend RADA, for example. Grants for higher education are now gone. This is affecting one of the industries that Britain is without equal in the world.