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The one Thatcher fact that all of the media have agreed on is that she was a 'divisive' figure. It doesn't take Pulitzer prize-winning journalism to work that one out, you might think, especially after the last week. But it's more than a statement of the obvious: in the hands of the right, it's quickly become part of the new mythology.
Many sections of the media have been awash with extravagant praise since her death: some justified; most wild exaggerations. The Tories have tried to milk the Thatcher legacy to halt their present collapsing poll ratings.
Nick Clegg delivered a dig at David Cameron today for suggesting "we are all Thatcherites now". The Liberal Democrat leader
If you missed Margaret Thatcher's funeral, fear not - for here are a few highlights, with commentary by Daniel Smeeth. 'Unrehearsed
The ten things you need to know on Thursday 18 April 2013... 1) "A PRETTY SHAMEFUL DAY FOR WASHINGTON" What the hell is wrong
2013-04-18-ThatcherI saw not the frail, fallible woman, but the indelible, subjectively interpreted icon that cannot be so easily extricated from the world. The symbol cannot be destroyed.
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The tributes to Margaret Thatcher have her endlessly depicted her as a conviction politician - but history will find the reality less consistent, more complex. Those who bother to drill down into the myth soon realise that she was as mutable and movable as any other politician, too often an empty vessel waiting to be told what to do and think, and always prepared to pretend the opposite of what she believed if it would get her to where she needed to go.
Even before the doors of Easington Colliery Club opened at 11am, dozens were gathered outside, wind whipping their jackets
Margaret Thatcher has pipped Tony Blair in a new opinion poll of Prime Ministers past and present. The Iron Lady was rated