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Thatcherism isn't dead - you can see it in the way we hate each other, as opposed to challenging governments, who are the real villains.
As the row over whether the BBC should play Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead reaches popping point, here's five unlikely people
One of Britain's most controversial right wing politicians has said the BBC should play the anti-Thatcher anthem Ding Dong
Argentina has brushed off its snub over Margaret Thatcher's funeral, branding it "just another provocation". Foreign Minister
The first step, they say, is admitting that you've got a problem. The Conservatives have got a Maggie addiction. It's worse than a habit. They are hooked.
The official route of Margaret Thatcher's funeral on 17 April goes from Westminster to St Paul's. But we'd like to offer
Below is the official guidance issued by Downing Street on the funeral of Margaret Thatcher Around 200 states, territories
People aren't celebrating the fact that an old woman that they never met died this week. People are celebrating because they feel that there is closure on a sh*tty decade during which rich people got rich and poor people got bummed with anti-lube.
Rumours are circulating that Danny Boyle will be directing Margaret Thatcher's funeral at St Paul's Cathedral, after plans
Making Ding Dong number one in the UK charts may seem childish, sure. But it also helps combat the revisionist narrative played across UK media. And it follows in proper punk tradition. It's a small, creative way to force the media to acknowledge Britons dislike for policies that have crushed the country.