Margaret Thatcher jokes

Thought you couldn't make jokes about Margaret Thatcher's funeral, Rolf Harris's arrest or Justin Bieber's comments about
If you missed Margaret Thatcher's funeral, fear not - for here are a few highlights, with commentary by Daniel Smeeth. 'Unrehearsed
No sooner had the day broken, than the tweets began. The funny ones, that is. About Margaret Thatcher's funeral. Yes, Twitter
The BBC has defended its satirical quiz show 'Have I Got News For You' after some viewers complained about comments made
The news that Big Ben will fall silent during Margaret Thatcher's funeral has almost pushed Twitter over the edge. Jokes
But mainly Margaret Thatcher. Yes, the Iron Lady passed away this week - and of course Twitter cracked its knuckles and set
The official route of Margaret Thatcher's funeral on 17 April goes from Westminster to St Paul's. But we'd like to offer
Margaret Thatcher has passed away - and Twitter has responded in typical fashion. And by that we don't mean 'getting angry