margaret thatcher

Sir Edward Leigh urges the PM to cut taxes like "good conservative" Margaret Thatcher instead of trying to emulate Franklin D Roosevelt.
The PM may need to flesh out his reskilling plans and extend furlough to avoid the worst.
As Leicester proves coronavirus hasn’t gone away, will the PM build or destroy his way out of the pandemic?
Fears of a “new Hitler”, a toy London bus and buying bananas for the first time.
PM attacks demonstrators as they start fortnight of peaceful direct action on the climate emergency.
Second referendum would leave half the country feeling "alienated and tricked", Stewart says at launch of cross-party campaign for a compromise Brexit deal.
Private companies have exploited legal loopholes and shunted costs onto the rest of the community, Andrew Gwynne MP writes.
Boris Johnson has begun his premiership as leader of the United Kingdom. From Winston Churchill to Margaret Thatcher, the UK has had some iconic and controversial leaders. We take a look at what makes a good prime minister, with help from Professor of British Government at the University of Leeds, Kevin Theakston.
Ex-PM said he would launch a judicial review if Boris Johnson tried to suspend parliament to push through no-deal.
When Jeremy Corbyn took over Labour, we joked about a return to the 1970s. When Johnson leads the Conservatives, we’ll get back to the politics of the 1980s, writes Jack Harvey