One man had gone missing from a tanker ship anchored off Margate.
Police were called to a house after fears for the occupants' welfare.
Statue in the sea stands in front of Margate's Turner gallery.
A 75-metre cargo ship narrowly missed a Sir Antony Gormley statue when it ran aground off the Kent Coast. The Islay Trader
The world we live in is fast, busy, stressful and full of technology, so really it is no wonder so many adults are looking at going back to basics and living simpler lives. This has been hammered home to me all the more over the summer school holiday when my sons ages six and seven want to sit in front of iPads and watch the television much of the time.
Back in the 1980's I did what many had done before me, I left my small town and moved to London to pursue my fortune. I grew up in the industrial town of Luton in Bedfordshire and for most of my childhood I expected a future that was like my father's, to work in one of the many factories that dotted the town
Two arrests have been made, one for a public order offence and another for obstruction of a highway. The march was organised