A Tory minister has warned the party must not swing to the right after last week's by-election drubbing amid claims most
Eastleigh is the place to settle if you can't stand the pace in Budleigh Salterton and Winchester seems like the future. Without the benefit of actually going there, I can tell you that it is as conservative as an antimacassar sales convention. You'd think that it would also be Conservative but that would be to underestimate the appeal of the Why-can't-things-be like-they-used-to-be Party.
It is the people of Eastleigh, the constituency's voters who were the most important thing in the by-election. Not the by-election candidates.
The Conservative Party vice chair Michael Fabricant has called on his party to recognise the policies from Ukip that are
A Conservative peer has cautioned his party against becoming "more like Ukip" after the party's disastrous result in the
Nick Clegg has predicted a "great victory" for the Liberal Democrats in the critical Eastleigh by-election. Rallying supporters
The reason the Tory candidate is struggling is not because of Ukip. It's because Tory voters in Eastleigh are increasingly aware that the party is no longer what they purport to be. To all intents and purposes, David Cameron is a social democrat.
One day ahead of the fiercely fought Eastleigh by-election, David Cameron ambushed Ed Miliband over past comments made the
Everyone knows Ukip can't win here. A vote for Ukip will only help elect a Liberal Democrat MP who opposes holding a referendum on Europe and David Cameron's tough target on immigration. MEP Marta Andreasen, who defected last week from Ukip to the Conservatives, agrees.
The Tories could be on track for a surprise victory in the Eastleigh by-election, according to a poll on Saturday night. Research