She was heading for Edinburgh's Fringe Festival.
Her plans for Christmas include a new dress and absolutely no cooking.
Less than a quarter of Britons trust MPs. This worrying fact was published in an IPSOS/Mori poll in December 2013. If you polled the same people today, that figure would be below a fifth, thanks to the renewed scandal Maria Miller has brought to the Commons.
The Bulgarian Roma family, wrongly thought to have abducted the mystery child Maria when she was found in Greece last week
A police officer had spotted the lack of resemblance to the girl's parents The couple have been charged with abducting a
BLOG: Do Roma gypsies really abduct children? The outcry over 'blonde-haired, blue-eyed' children living in gypsy camps is
A Roma couple have been formally charged with abducting a mystery girl who was found living with them in Greece. The couple
Roma gypsies living in a Greek camp are worried they will be all stigmatised as child traffickers after a couple was arrested
British scientists have developed a revolutionary breast-screening system that uses anti-landmine technology to detect cancer
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Coronation Street's Samia Smith is set to stay in Weatherfield for at least another 12 months, after