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Superhero film "Captain Marvel" is still two weeks from being released, but its interest rating on website Rotten Tomatoes has been dropping. Men angry at comments made by the film's lead Brie Larson have been taking to the popular film review site to express their anger. The backlash was sparked when Larson told Marie Claire magazine that she wanted to make her "press days were more inclusive".
Marie Claire magazine is getting a lot of shade from Twitter users after posting an article about Meghan Markle’s single grey hair.
McDonald's, Marie Claire and Vodafone went the extra mile to promote empowerment and diversity.
Ever wonder why there’s a little diamond patch sewn onto some backpacks?  Turns out, that patch is commonly called a “lash
I am a fan of Katy Perry. I have a ten year old daughter who adores her and a teenage son who wants nothing more than Katy Perry. I've listened to her songs, sung along and enjoyed a glimpse behind the mask in her documentary, also being moved by her genuine distress at the dissolution of her marriage to Russel Brand.
American actress Eva Mendes has let down her guard down in an interview with Marie Claire, describing Ryan Gosling as "amazing
Jessica Alba has posed in plenty of glamorous photo shoots, but the movie star has stunned fans by revealing that she felt
We're a little bit obsessed with Angelina Jolie's photo shoot in the June issue of Marie Claire, mainly because the photos
It's official: Cheryl Cole is back with a bang.
Katie Holmes wears her hair up so often, we hadn't quite realised how long it is. The actress hit the Women On Top Awards