"We were unpleasantly surprised... that the state president has courted the... EFF to nicodemusly go and apologise to [the widows]," says AMCU's president.
Marikana stands out "as an instance of the appalling dereliction by the state of its duty to the people," said President Ramaphosa.
Sonti features in an internationally acclaimed documentary about female activists in Marikana.
Four men will appear in court on Thursday in relation to the deaths of eleven people in September.
Six of the suspects arrested for the Cape Town massacre say they will sue for wrongful arrest after being detained and allegedly beaten by the police.
"It just can’t be. We all must be given a chance to campaign wherever we can."
Maimane on Wednesday said it was time to mark the occasion of the August 2012 tragedy nationally.
South African workers deserve justice, but don't blame deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa for the Marikana massacre, says Ramaphosa's Siyavuma campaign video.
The League says reports that Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma was barred from Marikana are just "media sensation".
Her campaign took a blow in the North-West in a serious miscalculation.
At least 72 police officers were involved in the killing of miners in 2012.
Inside the hub of Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma's presidential race, why nothing has changed for the better in Marikana and the biggest hip-hop concert in the world.
"We still see mining companies as criminals... they make so much money but we live in shacks," says activist during Marikana Massacre commemorations.
Promises come every year since the Marikana massacre, but its empty promises, says AMCU.
We are committed more than ever to ensure that an event like this never ever happens again in our country's history.
An incredibly moving scene had to be cut because audiences laughed.
A group of mourners halted Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi's speech and stormed out before the deputy president could speak.
Lord have mercy on me if I ever wear black and did nothing to act toward making good the destruction and terrorism wrought on the people of this country.
While government says it is ready to compensation the Marikana victims and their families, a lawyer says government has not made an offer yet.