marina pearson

When I talk about effortlessness, I am really using it to describe FLOW. Have you been in situations where your life has felt in flow? Where you have wanted to create something for yourself and suddenly it shows up? Or you ask a question and its answered in an unexpected form? As a person or as a conversation?
Trusting people when you have been hurt in the past can be very difficult
The truth is that the victim cycle is triggered when the relationship breakdown happens because we need to protect ourselves. It is an automatic unconscious response to a painful situation. The pain occurs because of the thinking that comes with the relationship breakdown.
It is quite incredible to think that you have 42% chance of your marriage lasting when you get that ring on your finger.
The problem with putting him on a pedestal is that energetically he will feel it and will probably feel that he can do anything he wants. He may even start treating you badly and let you down because he can feel he has the power. At this point, men get tired and are more likely to walk away.