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Even as Sunday's ballot may in all likelihood reject a Le Pen presidency, it will reaffirm the normalisation of the European far-right. As this is a genie that will not retreat so easily back to its bottle, it is time for those who believe in parliamentary democracy to get used to fighting the far-right in a world where references to fascism and calls to stand up to it no longer hold.
Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen will go head-to-head in the French presidential elections this weekend. Here’s everything
The former US president made it very clear who he is backing.
Many Brexiteers think the EU should and perhaps will fail whatever happens. A Le Pen victory would therefore just put the whole thing out of its misery sooner rather than later. With the zeal of the revolutionary, some Brexiteers are impatient to see the old order burn down and a new one emerge. Except, that is not how the rest of Europe sees it. The EU faces many challenges, but its immediate demise looks unlikely. Even in France, Le Pen's Euroscepticism has been a hindrance to her campaign, scaring off wealthier conservatives who fear the effect on the economy. Leaving a political and economic union is one thing, unravelling yourself from a shared currency is another.
Marine Le Pen has been egged during a public appearance on the French Presidential election campaign trail. The French National
Having said that, if Le Pen wins, I think life will change. I've already seen the protests in the street increase since the first vote, so I dread to think what will unfold if she becomes President. Macon is by no means perfect, and I understand why people are unhappy, but I think a victory for En Marche! would offer some real hope for Europe."
Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron sparred with each other last night, but the real issue here in Blighty is whether we are in the middle of our very own British Presidential election. That's certainly how it felt yesterday as Theresa May appeared in Downing Street to effectively declare war on 'Brussels'.