U.S. Marine Sgt. Val Lewis died in a bombing explosion October 23, 1983 in Beirut, Lebanon. Yet, 4-year-old Andrew, who lives
David Cameron said today that the conviction of a Royal Marine for murdering an injured Taliban insurgent in Afghanistan
A distinguished Royal Marines general has called for leniency towards a fellow commando who executed an injured Taleban insurgent
The family of an SAS sniper say they are "bitterly disappointed" after a judge ruled he would face a retrial over illegally
McKinney Rogers is one of the UK's best-known management consultancies. Co-founded by Damian McKinney, the ex-Marine applied
Five Royal Marines have been charged with murder in relation to an incident in Afghanistan in 2011, the Ministry of Defence
Hearing your home country described as an environmentally backwards mining outpost is more than enough to fire up any young greenie. Especially when you're not the one saying it.
Hey girls! Been double-crossed by a lowdown, dirty, cheatin' man? Wipe away those tears honey and sign-up to Uncle Sam. The Military Industrial Complex Needs YOU!
Scientists conducting deep-sea research in the Galapagos have discovered a new species of catshark. The Bythaelurus giddingsi