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These two incidents as far as we're concerned is good old fashioned sleep shaming. We know both of these women work damn hard, and we're pretty sure they're human and need to sleep, so let's have more of Delevingne's disco naps and not villify Meyer who clearly needs a good kip...
Beauty appears to be the secret for wealth, two male economists from the University of Wisconsin have found in a new study
The point missed by many, is that flexible working is about far more than simply choosing between the office and the home. It isn't a case of "either one or the other" and it is possible to do both. A blinkered approach could be why some remain blind to the opportunities flexible working presents.
I was taken aback last week, to put it mildly, by the CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Meyer's take on flexible working. It struck me as being an enormously retrograde step, based on mistaken views, and doubly puzzling coming both from the boss of a technology firm and someone who has at other times been a beacon for equality and forward thinking.