marius the giraffe

WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES A lion cub was dissected at a Danish zoo in front of horrified children on Thursday. The “macabre
The storm of protest that rained down on Copenhagen Zoo following the killing and butchery of Marius, a healthy young giraffe, did not discourage its officials from announcing a few weeks later that a pride of lions - maybe even the ones to whom Marius was publicly fed - had similarly been killed...
The Denmark zoo that drew international condemnation for putting down Marius the healthy giraffe has now killed four lions
Zoos in Europe kill between 3,000 and 5,000 perfectly healthy animals every year, according to a new revelations. When Copenhagen
As a humanitarian and an advocate for animal rights, I was saddened by the news that Copenhagen zoo finally carried out their plan to end the life of Marius the giraffe last Sunday, especially as an awful lot of people around the world had asked them so nicely not to.
A second giraffe called Marius could be put down, a Danish zoo has announced, just days after the controversial slaughter
A British safari park has defended killing six of its lions, because of a 40% increase in new cubs, after a worldwide outcry
A wildlife park in Britain today said it was "saddened" to hear that a zoo in Denmark has killed a healthy giraffe because
UPDATE: Second Giraffe Called Marius At Another Danish Zoo Faces Being Put Down Marius the giraffe has been skinned in front