mark carney

This week was dominated by one story: Dean Gaffney saying he'd applied to be a spy. Yes, just like Michael Fabricant, you
The consensus is that the BOE have got the best man available for the job, and it's hard to disagree.
The British wife of the new governor of the Bank of England is also well acquainted with the "green stuff" - she's an environmental
Canada's Mark Carney has been appointed as the Bank of England governor in a surprise snatch from across the Atlantic. Huff
Mark Carney has been revealed as the next Bank of England governor, but who is he? Currently the governor for the Bank of
The Chancellor's announcement today is audacious. He rode roughshod over a careful and open appointments procedure to ensure that Britain will, for the next eight years have a governor of the Bank of England whose experience, history and record is totally aligned with 'the takers' - the bankers and speculators that have asset-stripped the British economy.
Mark Carney, the head of Canada's central bank, who once said he was willing to blow the whistle on big financial institutions