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The “Brexit effect” is restricting business investment in the economy, the Governor of the Bank of England has said. Mark
The Government has already trebled the time people who can't keep up their mortgage payments must wait for help from 13 weeks to 39 weeks. Now Ministers are set to change this support from a benefit to an interest-bearing loan. Another loan is no good if you can't keep up with the loan you've already got. This is exactly the wrong time to remove help with meeting mortgage costs when the risk of repossession looms.
UK interest rates will rise for the first time in a decade, the Bank of England announced today. The rate, which anchors
Even a small rise could have a dramatic impact on those barely managing.
Homeowners struggling to make ends meet will be even worse off if the Bank of England hikes interest rates this week, a financial
Earlier this week Jacob Rees-Mogg who appeared on the panel on last night’s show, called Carney “the enemy of Brexit” and
The fall in the value of the pound since Brexit sees cost of goods go up.
The UK’s inflation rate surged to a five-year high in September as rising food and transport costs upped the financial pressure