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Will the Met Police's new approach to conducting stop and search help rebuild public trust Young people are yet to be convinced. The government's policy on stop and search is once again under the spotlight. In the aftermath of inquest into Mark Duggan's shooting, the police, Home Office and home secretary have all spoken about the need for a fairer and less divisive stop and search policy.
Whoever looks after the Metropolitan Police Twitter feed might want to think about an alternative career... perhaps one that
A jury has failed to reach a verdict in the case of a man accused of supplying a gun to Mark Duggan, whose fatal shooting
A firearms officer told a court of how he found the gun that allegedly belonged to Mark Duggan discarded in bushes about
The police marksman who shot Mark Duggan has described the seconds before he opened fire as an "Oh f*** moment". Duggan, 29
Armed police shot Mark Duggan as he raised a gun he had been hiding under his jacket when they swooped on a taxi he was in