Mark Reckless

UKIP have enjoyed moderate success in the West Midlands if you take into account finishing 3rd in almost all of the region's parliamentary constituencies in the 2015 General Election and making steady gains in last year's local elections.
Try to remember the name Mark Reckless. Not for any profound political reason, but because in years to come those words will be the answer to the pub quiz question: "Who was the second Tory to defect to Ukip in 2014?" That's the only reason to remember him - the only reason to even keep those two words in your brain. After all, why else take the time to remember just another politician willing to go back on their principles so they can stay in public office?
The 2015 General Election saw 176 MPs elected to the Commons for the very first time. In a series of exclusive interviews
Ukip will not grow unless it can shake off the taint of xenophobia and demonstrate it is the "party of the NHS", one of its
The Green Party have a duty to continue to provide for the nation a fresh, fair and radical alternative to the 'business as usual' establishment, just as media chiefs from the BBC, ITV, SKY et al have a duty to promote and encourage a wide, engaging and relevant debate involving those extended the right to vote and elect.
2014 was the year that Nigel Farage's prediction of a Ukip earthquake came largely true. Over the course of the last 12-months
In the media, we hear a lot about the 0.3% - those candidates for Ukip who've said or done stupid things, things which neither Ukip nor anyone else in the country would. They've had the oxygen of publicity for far too long. I want to talk about the 99.7%, about what we believe.
The Conservative Party have expressed shock after Ukip defector Mark Recklessasked party members to donate money for his
The Tory Party has launched a revenge attack on Ukip defector Mark Reckless – by suing their former member for £3,000 spent
The Tories should avoid "ripping off" Ukip in order to combat the Eurosceptic party's growing appeal, Tory backbencher Zac