Mark Reckless

Made these comments... It was the week we saw the aftermath of that tweet about that house on the day of that by election
Conservative MPs who want to defect to Ukip do not need to resign their seat and trigger a by-election in advance of the
I recently became a parliamentary candidate for the Green Party. After years of railing against politicians, the irony, and perhaps the hypocrisy, of becoming one myself has not been lost on me...
Ukip's latest MP Mark Reckless has suggested he wasn't overly happy about his party's policy on migrants admitting it was
Labour MP Dennis Skinner has accused Mark Reckless and his colleague Douglas Carswell of wanting to deport foreigners in
Shadow attorney general Emily Thornberry was "daft" to resign over a tweet and it showed that Ed Miliband was "motivated
The Conservative Party's losing campaign in the Rochester and Strood by-election was a "load of bollocks", a veteran Tory
Although Ukip have some way to go before they have even the slightest possibility of genuinely holding the balance of power in Parliament, after a second by-election victory, the party are quickly beginning to believe that with the help of the growing number of disenchanted voters, the impossible might just be possible...
The Tories' by-election candidate Kelly Tolhurst seemed to suggest migrants were responsible for crime when she wrote in
Nigel Farage is celebrating seeing a second Ukip MP elected to parliament this morning after Mark Reckless comfortably secured