Mark Simmonds

Counting whale corpses matters! It not only shows how devastating whaling has been but as the latest revelations show, it also underpins one of the key arguments against any resumption of commercial whaling in the future - which is that whaling must be subject to independent scrutiny...
Mark Simmonds resigned as Foreign Office ministerafter claiming the 'lack of support' for MPs with families outside of London
Foreign Office minister Mark Simmonds has resigned from the government, Downing Street revealed on Monday morning. He is
The government has been criticised for hosting the president of Uganda at a prestigious business forum, on the same day two
We acknowledge putting an end to forced marriage is a difficult task, with many challenges - not least, coordinating concerted action across several continents. But the message from the UK government is clear - forced marriage is totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated.
Students in the UK have been urged to campaign to pressure Swaziland to free an NUS president and human rights campaigner