Mark Webber

Sebastian Vettel took it upon himself to win the Malaysian Grand Prix regardless of what the team or Mark Webber had planned. With 10 laps to go in Sunday's Malaysian Grand Prix, Vettel ignored team orders to take the lead of the race away from teammate Mark Webber.
Personally I love this time of the year - because I am an F1 fan. Nothing beats that overdue anticipation of the start of a new F1 season. So if anyone does ask me whether I am missing F1? The answer is no - because this "off" season is all part of the sport I love.
Deserving Fernando Alonso may be but that shouldn't suggest that Sebastian Vettel is less so. Vettel and Red Bull put a serious challenge on for the title late in the season. What Vettel and Red Bull have done is nothing short of brilliant.
Red Bull's one-two at the Korean Grand Prix was followed by their drivers, winner Sebastian Vettel and runner-up Mark Webber
Webber is known for his forthright nature and I doubt he'll bemoan the lack of a prancing horse on his car so long as the charging bull is capable of winning and with designer Adrian Newey, there is every chance of that in 2013.
It's no wonder that people do pay up to £300 for the British Grand Prix. It’s the same for any kind of motorsport; the fans
Six races, six different winners and the most open championship for years. It's silly. But the 'F1 Silly Season' happens every year. The what?? Yes, a silly name but oh so accurate.
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With a powerful final lap of the day, Mark Webber took pole position at the Nürburgring ahead of Lewis Hamilton. Sebastian
McLaren suffered another poor qualifying session at Silverstone as Red Bull took first and second position for the start