This month's unveiling of the iPhone X, and iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will push the smartphone's popularity even further with worldwide sales of the smartphone reaching nearly 1.2 billion with no signs of demand slowing.
If ever an industry has been misunderstood, it is gaming. The stereotypical gamer is a teenage boy playing violent games in his bedroom. But the reality could not be further from the truth. The community is close knit, supportive and keenly socially conscious.
'We have a moral responsiblity. These things are not cheap for nothing'
The leader of the trade union which stood up to Uber in London has urged the public to boycott taxi firm Addison Lee, as
As a social media professional, and an ex-content editor for a major education website, I can't state enough the importance
America, like the rest of the world, has seen dramatic transformation in recent years. Economic, social and cultural change has made people increasingly confused and anxious. Every day they are bombarded with 'uncertainty' news. They are feeling the pressure financially, and in their overall sense of security.
If anyone is able to calculate the exact formulae for how to make content go viral - they'd probably be the most valuable person on the internet.
Just as Bond is one of film's most iconic characters, and one of it's most sellable, Federer is an aspirational figure. Talented, cool, but still moral, still respectable. It is these things that have cemented him as one of sports most iconic figures, and will continue to have him representing brands for years to come.
There's been a clear shift in the way brands promote themselves online. People are influenced as much by ordinary people with a small but highly engaged following (otherwise known as 'micro-influencers'), as they are by media mega stars and celebrities.
Following Apple's announcement in 2015 that iOS 9 would allow users to download ad-blocking extensions through the mobile Safari browser, many predicted the proliferation of mobile ad-blocking tools in the West. For the most part, however, it has remained strong in Asia Pacific and not made the jump to markets like the UK or USA.