marriage equality

Same-sex marriage supporters hail vote for acceptance after Australia said Yes.
Sydney woman shares LGBTQ anguish during marriage postal survey.
Mental health organisations are pleading with the government to show more concern for the negative impact from the postal survey.
diversify The day we met, I had the opportunity to reach out and make a connection but I initially faltered. I found myself intimidated and began to make the usual stereotypical assumptions based on your appearance before we had even spoken. As a black woman growing up in a male-dominated and predominantly white society I know what it feels like to be judged on appearance and excluded because of people's beliefs. And yet I found myself momentarily falling victim to the same fear and ignorance for which I have berated others and suffered emotional wounds.
LGBTQ Australians wanting to get married have a new option.
Final results are still a month away, but it's looking good.
Tony Abbott Assaulted By Same-Sex Marriage Supporter.