marriage proposals

I know it's only symbolic in this day and age, but it comes from a time and a place where it wasn't so, and women were given - dowry and all - to the highest bidder. Married, divorced, widowed, single, in a relationship, we don't need to be 'given away' to know that we're worth millions to ourselves, and whoever is lucky enough to be in our lives.
I don't remember the actual moment when we made the decision to marry but it was because of what we learnt from the loss of two such important people from our lives that we suddenly felt that it was important to us and important that we didn't waste time waiting.
There's not a day goes by when we aren't bombarded with a video of some epic wedding proposal making us feel terrible about
Are people starting to plan their gestures around what will appeal most to the rest of the world instead of the person they're supposed to be in love with? Are people expecting big flashmobs and media interviews only to be disappointed with a meal at a local restaurant and a typical down-on-one-knee gesture?
But don't worry - it was all part of the plan. Yes, a chap called Matt Van Vliet, who lives in New London, New Hampshire
(Warning: this video might bring a tear to your eye. For all the right reasons.) Yes, just click play to watch Sandor Sturbl
With the tightening of belts continuing post-recession, though, planning on a budget will be the harsh reality for many. With lots of wedding venues costing upwards of £10,000 for the venue hire alone, they rarely come cheap. But they needn't be bankrupt-ingly expensive either. Here are my top ten tips for keeping costs low.
Yes, yes, we've all seen flash mob proposals. But a) it's been a while and b) this one is particularly lovely. So why not
"On Sunday 30th June I tried to propose to the beautiful Libbi Taite," writes Adrian Gardiner on YouTube. "Tried" being the