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Let’s say you’re a multi-billion dollar space agency, and you happen to have a spacecraft in orbit over Mars AND a space
A former US Marine has claimed that he spent 17 years defending humanity on the surface of Mars. The former serviceman who
Today in things found on Mars that aren't evidence of alien life, but look a bit like it, we present: the alien cereal bowl
Astronomers have set a new record for the largest crater ever documented in a before-after photograph. The new crater was
Right now Mars is making its closest approach to Earth since 2007 and until at least 2016. And while that event will not
A meteorite containing strange tunnels and spheres might be evidence that water once flowed on Mars - and that the planet
Nasa says it has (probably) solved the mystery of how a 'jam doughnut' shaped rock appeared mysteriously in front of one
A remarkable set of images taken by Nasa's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter suggests there may still be flowing water somewhere
The Spirit and Opportunity Mars rovers are celebrating 10 years on Mars this month - but it looks like it's the newer Curiosity
A dramatic meteor show could hit Mars next year, astronomers have reported - and it could cause big problems for our intrepid