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A woman who wanted to be the first person to have a Martian baby has pulled out of the Mars One mission. Alas, dreams don't
The head of the Mars One project to send volunteer astronauts to live and die on the Red Planet by 2027 has responded to
The ‘Mars One’ project has already come under fierce criticism for perceived technical and financial flaws in its plan to
A British student recently selected as one of 100 candidates to go to, and die on the surface of Mars has admitted that the
We already knew that the Mars One mission to land astronauts on a hellish deathscape within ten years faced technical issues
The five British ‘hopefuls’ for a private (non-profit) manned mission to Mars have been announced. Based on current technical
"Putting a colony in Mars is just a small step in such a big adventure and that's such an incredible thing to be a part of
The thing about the Mars One project -- a private, mass-participation initiative to send a group of hardy colonists to die
So essentially, those human-shaped amoebas that inhabit the Big Brother house at present may actually be humanity's best hope for life on another planet.
NASA's chief technologist has revealed that in some areas humans are already 'halfway' to landing on Mars. David Miller was
The Mars One colonisation project has hit a rather large pothole after scientists at MIT discovered a fatal (literally) flaw
Billionaire inventor and entrepreneur Elon Musk has expanded on his view that humans need to start living on Mars warning
Gulf imams have issued a Fatwa against Muslims travelling to Mars. Likening attempts to send astronauts on a one way trip
We're still not quite sure how to get to, land on or get off Mars just yet, but that hasn't stopped a Canadian designer envisaging
Who would sign up to die on Mars? Turns out, at least one middle-class Parisian woman. Florence Porcel, a "self-confessed
In possibly the first instance of a delayed death sentence being a negative for those involved, the mission to send people
How many people would be willing to travel millions of miles in a fetid, stinking can just to die on an arid, toxic dust
It could be the economy, or the looming threat of climate change, but it appears quite a large number of people are prepared
The company behind an attempt to send human explorers on a one-way trip to Mars will announce its selection process live
Humans might not have landed on Mars yet - but you can already apply to be one of the first to colonise its surface. Only