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The Curiosity rover has been on the Gale crater of Mars since its successful landing on August 6th, 2012. Now, scientists
NASA’s $2.5 billion Mars Rover Curiosity rover has experienced a short circuit on the surface of the red (or blue) planet
Let’s say you’re a multi-billion dollar space agency, and you happen to have a spacecraft in orbit over Mars AND a space
NASA may have finally found direct evidence for life on Mars. Critical 'spikes' in methane gas - an organic chemical thought
UFO hunters claim to have found clear evidence of a UFO flying above the Martian surface. The image, taken by the NASA Mars
This incredible image is the first ever picture of the Earth taken by Curiosity from the surface of Mars. NASA’s Rover, which
The Mars Rover Curiosity is getting ready to make one of its most dangerous manouevres on the surface of the Red Planet so
Is this object photographed streaking through the Mars sky proof of alien life? No. No, it isn't. Captured by Nasa's Mars
The Spirit and Opportunity Mars rovers are celebrating 10 years on Mars this month - but it looks like it's the newer Curiosity
Let's face it - you're probably never going to Mars. But that doesn't mean you can't get a sense of what it's like to be