Martin Scorsese

For fans of the gangster genre, Goodfellas is possibly one of the most loved and quoted. Apart from the number of times the
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Filmmaker Martin Scorsese is baffled by plans to make a sequel to Raging Bull and insists moviegoers have "moved on". Argentinian
Kelly Macdonald is as polite, unassuming, down to earth and resolutely Scottish as you would hope. When she mentions that
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Director Martin Scorsese will be honoured with the prestigious British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Academy
From Hugo's dazzling opening swoop through the Paris station it is clear that this is no ordinary film. The care and detail taken in every frame of the film shows just how passionate Scorsese is about the subject material.
Oscar-winning actor Sir Ben Kingsley has revealed he broke down in tears after seeing the new Martin Scorsese movie Hugo
I've often recounted humorous incidents from the past involving George to friends who are always fascinated to have a momentary glimpse into the life of a man who, despite being remarkably 'normal' in so many ways, was also truly extraordinary in so many others.