marvin rees

Bristol mayor says decision was not about Reid but "about taking down a statue of a London-based artist who came and put it up without permission".
The elected mayor, who is of Jamaican heritage, said he "could not pretend" he felt "any real sense of loss" after anti-racist demonstrators pulled down the monument.
Turn our gaze to the cities, and we can find hope that a politics of inclusion can start to break through
New London mayor Sadiq Khan (Photocredit: Getty Images) Now that the dust is beginning to settle over last week's elections
If Labour's Marvin Rees is elected Mayor of Bristol on Thursday I for one will be celebrating. It will be a good day for Bristol. Many more people outside that city will rightly be inspired by Marvin's election. Bristol is a major city, a lively, exciting place with a strong local character and an appeal to the best and the brightest. It is a city with enormous potential, hampered by the absence of a big-city vision at a municipal level.