What if Jesus turned up today and delivered his material in London instead of Jerusalem? What if he came and preached in Regent's Park, what would he say to us today?
Take Me Home: The creation of Beatie Wolfe's "musical jacket" Rhythmic moments in time distilled into a fabric and crafted
Between mains and pudding my friend popped to the loo, so I spent that 5 minutes staring at the other customers, and trying to eavesdrop. Sixtyone is a large, warmly decorated restaurant, with the type of ceilings that makes one bemoan the lack of child labourers, who previously would, one assumes, have clambered merrily up into their cavernous reaches and kept everything spotless.
Mr Young and his American girlfriend Noelle Reno had appeared recently in reality TV show Ladies of London Ms Young said
UPDATE: Scot Young Dead: Bankrupt Property Tycoon Impaled On Railings In London Penthouse Fall A man has been killed after
After a super successful inaugural year in 2012, MADE LONDON - The Design and Craft Fair, returns to One Marylebone, London, to once again present the very best in contemporary craft and design until this Sunday the 27th.
The daughter of Tony Blair has been held at gunpoint in a terrifying robbery in a wealthy part of London. Kathryn Blair was
I love how a creative mind applied to a tried and tested product can develop into something astonishing and new.
The Other Art Fair will take place between 25 -28 April 2013 at Ambika P3 in Marylebone and will be partnered with leading creative companies including CultureLabel, FAD, Jotta, Aesthetica and Sipsmith to name a few.
I'm not entirely won over by the The Landmark, but its unique charm, awe-inspiring interior and adventurous gastronomy will have me returning to enjoy the exquisite afternoon tea menu.