Mass Effect 3

It was during a cooperative online match of Mass Effect 3 (one of my favourite online games from the last few years) that I was reminded that I was a girl. Not that I had necessarily forgotten that I had to sit down to wee, but I had forgotten that my sex could be an issue.
Anyone who enjoys a game is sad when it comes to an end and there's nothing left for them to do - or in the case of multiplayer gamers if they have to stick with the same weapons or fighters for over a year. So in some respects downloadable content aka DLC is the best thing to happen to gamers since consoles went online. This can be extra tracks on music games, additional characters in fighting games or in some cases adding up to three hours more play time in a single-player experience.
A new ending to the controversial role-playing game Mass Effect 3 has apparently served only to further divide fans of the
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Mass Effect (ME) has been in the news a fair amount lately. I'm not really shocked at the reactions as I know how people become attached to certain IPs (plus the previous titles were no strangers to controversy).
Mass Effect 3 makers Bioware have agreed to rewrite the ending following mass protest by passionate gamers. Ray Muzyka, co
The outrage over the ending of Mass Effect 3 has resulted in a rash of memes. The ending of the game has been poorly received
Mass Effect 3 Review Written by: Melanie Hick Date published: 03/12/2012 5 / 5 stars Apparently spring sprang this weekend
Retailer Game admitted it is in danger of collapse today after several suppliers refused to provide it with new products
The Mass Effect 3 collector’s edition vault with its extra content, will be available on 9th March for both the Xbox 360