mass extinction

Next month, world leaders will convene at COP23 in Bonn to embark on the second round of discussions about the future of
Earth is entering a “mass extinction event”, according to a new study by three top US universities. Lead author Gerardo Ceballos
The asteroid which killed the dinosaurs was large enough to send rocks containing life to other planets in our solar system
Scientists have discovered the fossil of a giant duck-billed platypus, bringing to mind a more adorable version of Godzilla
When it comes to anything these days it's all about what's the biggest, best, fastest etc. That's what makes the headlines, and that's exactly the same for scientific discoveries. But what about the detail behind the hot air? It has been announced that the 'World's largest volcano' has been found in the pacific...
The latest in an array of possible causes of the 'Death of the Dinosaurs', is the possibility that it was a comet that was responsible for the dinosaurs demise.
We are directly and indirectly threatening the existence of countless species through the harvesting of them and the destruction of their habitats. Among the more well-known species we have already lost are the Great Auk, Stellar's Sea Cow, the Baiji White Dolphin, and the Passenger Pigeon.
Life in the world’s oceans faces a grave threat of mass extinction – and it’s largely the result of human activity, say researchers
It may be a nice way to draw some attention to the scientists' hard work, but mixing up data & marketing is confusing to the general public - and risks to undermine our sense of environmental urgency.