‘Celebrity Mastermind’ is a fabulous show for two reasons. First of all, finding out which stars are a fair bit dimmer than
The programme is one of the BBC's longest-running shows.
‘Mastermind’ has made some changes to its timeless traditions, and viewers aren’t happy.   The popular, challenging BBC2
I would urge anyone who considers themselves a proper football fan not to just live in the moment and believe that football was invented in 1992, or that Jamie Vardy is England's greatest goalscorer, but to get acquainted with your club's history, properly. It would help you win a few more arguments in the pub too.
For the son of the man behind the Great Train Robbery, its legacy has been an "albatross" hanging over him throughout his
It was once dubbed the "crime of the century", and half a century on the Great Train Robbery remains one of the most audacious
In his willingness to admit his errors when he does make them lies perhaps the greatest secret to Holmes's continued success.