I say goodbye to as many people as I can, and head off home. Sitting in my kitchen, the whole fleeting experience of Masterpiece passes through my mind and I try to order and remember how the days have passed. It is both a 100 metre dash and a marathon rolled into one. Once again it is over in a trice having taken a year to create. One slow blink and it is gone.
London is currently hosting art galleries from across the world in the confines of The Royal Hospital Chelsea as specialists
Every summer in London, galleries from all over the world offer for sale some of their best works of art together in one place - in the grounds of The Royal Hospital Chelsea. The scope and quality of what's on offer is breathtaking.
I began the week with jewellery and the doctor and finished in Paris. A year ago I was called by my local surgery to have a health review. I did not go; I did not want to go. So, the doctor rang me and said that if I did not make an appointment and attend I would be struck off their list of patients.